This package of courses aligns with the State of Virginia's parent education requirements for international adoption and the parent training requirements of the Hague Treaty for Intercountry Adoption (and the US implementing regulations). It will begin to prepare you for parenting children adopted from abroad. 

Topics will include understanding the adoption process, the general characteristics and needs of children awaiting adoption, and in-country conditions that impact children awaiting adoption, including the impact of institutionalization on children. The courses within this package will also cover the effects on children of malnutrition, environmental toxins, maternal substance abuse, and other typical genetic, health, emotional, and developmental risk factors. This package will provide training on attachment disorders and other emotional problems that institutionalized or traumatized children and children with a history of multiple caregivers may experience, as well as information on the impact on a child of leaving familiar ties and surroundings, the impact on the family that has become multicultural and perhaps transracial through intercountry adoption, and how to support the child's connection with her birth culture. This package is a well-rounded foundation to get you on the road to your international adoption.

*Important Information for agencies on Hague Training Requirements

*Important information for agencies on Virginia core competencies.

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The Creating a Family Virginia International Adoption Package includes the following 15 courses.

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