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Education Partners are agencies that pay a flat annual fee to receive unlimited access to all of our online coursework for their families and staff members. Education Partnership is a way for agencies to provide required pre-adoption education as well as post-adoption support at a significant discount. These agencies receive a customized package of coursework, tools to help integrate within their existing education program, and training on how to utilize the system. If you are interested in becoming an Education Partner, contact us today! 

Deborah Phillips

CEO, Children's Connections, Inc.

I am a huge believer in Creating a Family, because we know how important solid education is as part of the adoption process. Families are making an emotional, personal, and lifelong decision to welcome a child into their family, and they need all the information we can give them to be educated and prepared. For many years, we have partnered with Creating a Family to offer all their courses without charge to our pre and post adoptive families. Without reservation, I recommend Creating a Family courses at every stage of the adoption process.

When I’m sitting with a new family that is considering adoption, they are often coming to me with varying degrees of understanding about the process. They might not understand some core issues, like talking to kids about adoption, openness, or how to evaluate risks like a child’s prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol. In each of these cases, I know of Creating a Family courses I can send them to that feature true national experts and will give them a full and complete understanding of these issues.

When we are working on the home study, Creating a Family helps us customize the required pre-adoption education to make it work best for each family. If a family is adopting transracially, for example, I know of several fantastic courses that will deepen their awareness. One of my favorites that is highly impactful is a panel of young adult transracial adoptees talking about their experiences. It’s just phenomenal.

Lastly, even after adoption, we make Creating a Family courses available to our families. I really value post-adoption support, and appreciate that if a child is struggling with school issues, sleep problems, food hoarding, or any number of adoption-related situations- once again, there is a fantastic Creating a Family course for that. 

Victoria Kilpatrick, LCSW

International Program Director,
New Beginnings International Children's and Family Services, Inc.

The AdoptEd Center: Online Education for Parents has been an invaluable resource for our families both pre- and post-adoption. Trainings are an essential part of the pre-adoption phase, and we are seeing an increasing number of families realize the value of training and additional resources in post-adoption. The fact that Creating a Family has a wide variety of topics makes it easy for families to find what they need, as well as helping to normalize what the families and children are experiencing. 

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