Hosting a child who is available for international adoption is becoming a very common way to advocate for that child to find his or her forever family. However, hosting that child requires careful preparation on the part of the host family, candid conversations about expectations, and education on what to expect from the experience. 

We’ve put together a bundle of courses that we think will equip you well for many of the common situations you will face. 

This package includes:

  • the unique issues that come with older child adoption
  • what issues are common in the adoption of an older child
  • how to transition an older child into your home
  • how to create and build healthy attachment with that child
  • understanding trauma and loss to help the older child heal
  • an understanding of the intentions and practices of international hosting
  • how to effectively advocate in your circles for the right family to fit the child’s needs

This course bundle is designed for adoption professionals and families preparing to become a host family.

*Access to each course in this bundle will remain active for 180 days from purchase date.