Parent support groups are one of the most effective ways to help foster, adoptive, and kinship families by allowing time for parents to gather together, learn, and support each other. But not all support groups are created equal. Research has found that groups providing integrated high-quality education and group discussion are best, but these types of groups require significant time to organize and prepare. Creating a Family’s Parent Support Group Toolkit Service was designed to make it easier by providing a turnkey solution with everything you need for an in-person or online group.

Our Parent Support Group Toolkit Subscription Service provides access to our Toolkit Library, facilitator training and quarterly webinars, and automated evaluation data from participants after each meeting. Each toolkit is on a different topic and includes a video, facilitator guide, handout, resource guide, and certificates of attendance. You can choose a bundle of 5 or 10 toolkits as part of the service with cost discounts for multiple toolkits. You can also purchase toolkits alone without the discount, training, or evaluations.

Evaluation of Parent Support Group Toolkits

Our goal is to increase the number of parent support groups by making it easier to facilitate and maintain high-quality groups where parents develop social connections, reduce stress, and feel more confident in parenting children exposed to trauma.

7 Core Issues in Adoption
and Foster Care

I was so impressed with this video. The information on this video could be used at Adoption/foster care recruiting events to help parents understand the nature of behavior and helping caregivers understand it is not unique, so this video will help them plan a response vs reacting out of fear. The layout of the video kept people engaged; diverse live speakers, written material and animated characters! Excellent Class! Excellent Material!


I’m very thankful for this forum where I can talk to people, feel understood, and resonate with what they share. I like that it’s balanced with structured learning and personal sharing. Our facilitator Tracy is a great resource and the perfect person for guiding us in growing in our adoption journey.

It has been overall, invaluable to me this year.


It has given me context and deeper understanding of my child, as well as practical tools for bettering our relationship. The group itself has been amazing, a mirror on which I could see myself in others through shared experiences and a place to find comfort from other parents walking the same path. It has been overall, invaluable to me this year. The materials, presentation and coordination have been amazing and impeccable and they have allowed for a deep bond to form between group members. I have felt seen, understood and supported throughout the year and it has given me a much needed safe space and company in my parenting journey.

I feel like I have found a lifeline that was missing.


I have said sooooo many times that post placement support for parents is really lacking. There are so many things my friends don’t understand about adoption or trauma and it’s sometimes incredibly lonely and frustrating when no one else gets it. This group has been amazing support. I feel like I have found a lifeline that was missing and I could not be more thrilled to have been part of this group.

I love the convenience.


Shaves a lot of time off prep.

I love the toolkits.


I am more willing to be a facilitator because it doesn't take so much time to get prepared.

Crucial to bettering myself as an adoptive mother.


The information I've had access to as a result of being in this group has been crucial to bettering myself as an adoptive mother. I am more aware of issues, feelings and trauma, therefore I can be more sensitive and attentive towards issues as they arise. All of the participants in my group were amazing and I greatly benefitted from their insights and their experiences. I really feel like I connected with our leader as well. She was extremely knowledgeable and informed, and I appreciated everything she brought to the table.

The Toolkit was very helpful and easy to implement.


The content was relevant and applicable.


I used a number of checklists and have referred to some of the websites and books that were discussed.

Wonderful background and practical information.


Extremely helpful, on point, useful and applicable to our daily life, wonderful background and practical information that has helped understand and build a better relationship with my child, as well as navigate this difficult year.