In this course, three adult transracial adoptees cover what parents need to understand about transracial adoption and what they can do to help their transracially adopted child thrive not just in childhood but also as adults. The panel of adoptees includes Nathan Faust, who is bi-racial (Black/White) and was adopted as an infant by White parents in an open adoption in the Northwestern part of the US. Rosey Jones is a transracial adoptee born in China and adopted by White parents in the US. She wrote a guest article for called "Home Is Where," sharing her search for identity. Jessica Luciere is a transracial adoptee born in Bogota, Colombia raised by White parents in Long Island, New York. She is an Adoptee Advocate, creating supportive spaces for adoptees and their families.

This course covers the following learning objectives:

  • Explain the problems with taking a color-blind approach when raising kids of a race different from yours.
  • Explain how some transracial adoptees struggle to find their racial identity.
  • Explain the importance of finding a community of other adopted people.

Outline for Adult Transracial Adoptees Teach Us About Adoption.pdf

*This course includes a 1-hour conversational audio lesson, a 10-question quiz, and a certificate of completion with the successful completion of the quiz at 80%. 

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This course aligns with the following regulatory requirements.

Hague Treaty on Intercountry Adoption*

 96.38 (b)(9)

96.48 (b)(7)
 96.48 (c)

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