In this course we will cover the Adoption Tax Credit for 2023. The instructor will be Becky Wilmoth, an Enrolled Agent and Adoption Tax Credit Specialist with Bill’s Tax Service, and Josh Kroll, the Adoption Subsidy Resource Center coordinator at Families Rising (formerly the NACAC).

This course covers the following learning objectives:

  • Explain what the Adoption Tax Credit is.
  • Explain how much credit is available for 2023 taxes.
  • List what type of adoptions are eligible for the Adoption Tax Credit.
  • Explain how to claim the Adoption Tax Credit for special needs adoptions and how that differs from the credit for other types of adoptions.
  • List the documentation required for the Adoption Tax Credit.

Outline for Adoption Tax Credit 2023.pdf

*This course includes a 1-hour conversational audio lesson, a 10-question quiz, and a certificate of completion with the successful completion of the quiz at 80%. 

Your course will remain active for 180 days from purchase date.