How do you find and adopt a baby or child in another state and what is the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC)? In this course, we talk with Chantilly Wijayasinha, MSW and MPH and Interim Director of Adoptions and Foster Care at Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services; and Jim Thompson, adoption, foster care, and assisted reproduction attorney at the Thompson Dove Law Group, and a Fellow at Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys.

This course covers the following learning objectives:

  • Explain what the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) is.
  • List 2 steps in the ICPC process when adopting an infant through private adoption.
  • Identify 3 ways prospective adoptive parents might find an expectant mother in another state who is considering placing her child for adoption.
  • Describe how to find a foster child in another state that is available for adoption and say how often this happens if you do not have a pre-existing relationship to that child.

Outline for Adopting a Child In Another State.pdf

*This course includes a 1-hour conversational audio lesson, a 10-question quiz, and a certificate of completion with the successful completion of the quiz at 80%. 

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