The next step in understanding Trust-Based Relational Intervention®️ is the new book, The Connected Parent, by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Lisa Qualls, with great assistance from Emmelie Pickett. In this course, we interview Lisa and Emmelie  about connected parenting and understanding how to use TBRI®️ with your family.

This course covers the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding the foundations of attachment.
  • List ways to implement Trust-Based Relational Intervention®️.
  • Understand how to cope with chronic fear in your children.
  • Describe how to discipline the TBRI®️ way.
  • Understanding how sensory issues can be confused with attachment issues.

Outline for Connected Parenting Understanding TBRI®️.pdf

*This course includes a 1-hour conversational audio lesson, a 10-question quiz, and a certificate of completion with the successful completion of the quiz at 80%. 

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