Nebraska Adoption Requirements

Licensing Requirement 005.16

The State of Nebraska does not accredit courses used for compliance for 005.16 Recruitment, Training, and Screening of Adoptive Applicants required by the State of Nebraska used for pre-service training to be provided to adoptive families; therefore, Creating a Family does not warrant or guarantee that the State of Nebraska will accept our courses as evidence of compliance with these training requirements. We have done our best to create courses that we believe will prepare parents and staff for domestic and intercountry adoption as required by the State of Nebraska. Licensing requirement 005.16(D) requires training on the listed content checklist as applicable to the type of adoption. We have spoken with agencies in Nebraska about which requirements that state finds applicable to the different types of adoption and our packages are designed accordingly. If you have been told to include training on other requirements for your adoptions, please contact us and we can suggest additional courses to cover those content topics.

For your convenience only, we have included the content topics that we believe our courses can be used in achieving at least partial compliance with the requirements; however, adoption service providers must decide for themselves. Our inclusion of these content topics implies only that we believe that the course addresses some of the topics included in the specified regulatory section and does not imply that the course can be used in complete fulfillment of that regulation.

For information specific to Nebraska, go to the Child Welfare Information Gateway State Search site to find information on the Nebraska requirements on background checks, consent to adoption, home study requirements, post-adoption contact agreements, adoption expense regulations, use of advertising, and who may adopt or place a child for adoption.