The home study is a nerve wracking experience. What should you expect and how should you prepare for it? In this course, we interview Rebekah Hill, a social worker and clinical therapist in Adoption Services at SAFY; and Jeanette Quick, Home Study Service Coordinator at Hopscotch Adoptions, about what to expect from the home study.

This course covers the following topics:

  • What is the home study?
  • What is the purpose of an adoption or foster care home study?
  • Is it possible to get one home study that can be used with all types of adoptions: domestic infant, foster care, and international adoption?
  • When in the adoption or fostering process is the home study usually done?
  • What type of information from the prospective adoptive or foster parents is usually gathered during the home study process?
  • How long does it take to complete a home study?
  • What type of criminal history for adoptive or foster parents will preclude adoption?
  • What type of medical history for adoptive parents will be a problem for adopting?
  • Is a mental health diagnosis a problem if you want to adopt or foster?
  • What are adoption agencies looking for in terms of income and assets in adoptive families?
  • What should be included in the autobiographical statement?
  • What type of questions will be asked in the adoption or foster care home study interview?
  • What are social workers looking for when they evaluate the home for an adoption home study?
  • How are pets considered as part of the home visit for adoption or foster care? How well behaved are your pets supposed to be?

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