Marriages or relationships are particularly challenged when we are parenting kids who have been exposed to trauma. In this course, we talk with Amy Garber, MSW and LICSW, and the Manager of the Post Adoption Program with Wide Horizons for Children, a child welfare organization and Anne Meijers, a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in adult and couples therapy.

This course covers the following learning objectives:

  • List 3 ways children who have been exposed to trauma are harder to parent.
  • Explain 3 stresses that relationships may face when fostering or adopting kids who’ve been exposed to trauma.
  • Explain what triangulation is and why it's destructive to a marriage or relationship.
  • List 2 signs that you are neglecting your marriage.
  • Give 4 tips for strengthening your relationship or marriage while parenting challenging kids.

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    Maintaining Your Relationships When Adopting or Fostering

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