What can parents do if they are struggling with attaching to their child? In this course, we talk with Dr. Casey Call, the Assistant Director of Education at the Institute of Child Development at TCU. She is a researcher and trainer for Trust-Based Relational Intervention®️.

This course covers the following learning objectives:

  • Be able to explain why attachment is important to child development.
  • Describe how attachment develops in children who are raised from infancy in a healthy functioning family? What does healthy attachment look like?
  • List events can interrupt the normal development of healthy attachment.
  • List 3 signs that a child may have attachment issues.
  • Describe typical behaviors that might appear along the spectrum of attachment issues.
  • Name 3 things parents of newly adopted or fostered kids can do to help their child attach.
  • Describe the type of therapy is effective for children with attachment issues.
  • Discuss the importance of parental attachment.
  • Recognize 3 things that can interfere with a parents ability to attach to their child?
  • List 2 things that a parent can do if they are struggling to attach to their child.
  • Explain how post adoption depression can interfere with a parents ability to attach to their child.

Attachment 101 Outline.pdf

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