A multimedia guide for patients at the beginning of their treatment journey. Chances are really good that if you are reading this, you have been trying for some time to get pregnant. It is time, you’ve decided, for the big guns – time to go to an infertility clinic. This is a big step and a big decision. You want to find the right doctor to help you get pregnant, the right clinic to entrust your faith and your money. You need to find the right partner for this all important journey to creating your family. We can’t promise to remove all angst about the decision, but we can promise to educate you on what is important when deciding and what to look for in an infertility clinic. We hope to empower you to get on your way to seeking the specialized help that you need to get pregnant.

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    How to Choose an Infertility Clinic
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Dr. G. David Adamson

“Infertility is one of the most challenging and confusing life situations ever faced by an individual. Much of the public understanding and information available is anxiety-provoking and misleading. Fortunately, Creating a Family is a wonderful and highly successful source of unbiased and accurate information for those suffering from infertility. Their high quality radio show, articles/blogs, videos, factsheets and large support group have helped thousands and thousands of people, including my patients.”

Dr. Michael Tucker

“I’m a firm believer in Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, because they are able to take complex issues related to infertility and make them easily accessible to both those just beginning as well as those who have been in treatment for a while. Their resources cross the spectrum of media that such people are actually using (web, radio, support group, video, factsheets, etc.). Creating a Family has constantly evolved to stay abreast of the ever changing landscape of assisted reproductive technology. A wonderful resource.”

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