This multimedia guide will cover choosing an agency for domestic infant adoption, international adoption, or foster care adoption. We have a chapter on how to choose an adoption attorney and the differences in using an agency or attorney. And last, but not least, we have a section on adoption and the LGBT community.

We’ve stuffed this guide with all sorts of great stuff: questionnaires to ask agencies or attorneys, red flags to avoid, videos on choosing, Q & As with experts, audio interviews, and so much more.

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    Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney
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Lori Holden

"If you're about to dive into the murky waters of adoption, you'll want this Guide by your side. Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney, a multimedia resource offered by the long-trusted Creating A Family organization, answers thousands of questions you may have about where to start, alerts you to red flags you need to know about, and sets you confidently on your path to family. I highly HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking into domestic, international or foster adoption." --author of The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption & blogger at

K. Hughes, Adoptive Mom

"There are a lot of resources out there designed to help individuals and families choose their best path for adoption, and there are lots of short articles and checklists and blog posts on what to do and what not to do. The beauty of this document is that Creating a Family, a recognized source of neutral, ethical information in the community, has combined all of this information into a short, how-to guide that will assist people in finding the right fit for them. The questions it encourages people to ask of themselves and the agencies, lawyers, or systems they are considering are not just about the process (fees, timelines, etc.), but are also designed to help people think through their own values and to consider what defines an ethical adoption process and structure for them and their families. When it comes to adoption, a process through which families are both broken apart and created, consideration of those values and how to maintain an ethical, respectful interaction for everyone is critical. It is wonderful to see these elements woven into a guide to assist people with the first real decision one has to make in an adoption process."

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